Eva + Candela

¿Como te llamas?

90 mins 14+ Columbia
Language: Spanish Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama
QueereEvents.ca - film - Eva and Candela


A portrait of two strong, independent women: a female director and the star of her first film, drawn together by a powerful attraction and their shared desire to take on the movie world.

The passion between them creates a seductive and fascinating intimacy. But over time, their relationship evolves, swinging from infatuation to sensuality, which turns to tenderness, and then routine. They never wanted to be a conventional couple, and yet that’s just what they’ve  become.

Can Eva and Candela withstand the inevitable effects of time to overcome the metamorphosis of their relationship?

Director: Ruth Caudeli
Cast: Alejandra Lara, Silvia Varón, Roberto Cano
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