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If you are 2SLGBTQIA+ living in the city of London and experiencing food insecurities we can help!

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Just support!

Since the launch of QE's local community initiative in May 2020, Food for Queers continues to provide barrier free access to food and the essential items we all need to survive, with the help of QE’s volunteers, Grocery Kits are delivered to 2SLGBTQIA+ folks throughout the city of London.


Prepared Meal Delivery

UPDATE: Food for Queers has reached max capacity for our prepared meals portion of the program, at this time we cannot accept any new meal request but that doesn't mean we can't help! Food for Queers also provides our fellow queers with a Grocery Kit.


Food for Queers Grocery Kit

Each Grocery Kit provides essential and helpful items to assist in creating meal solutions for your household, food staples can include pantry items, canned goods, fresh produce, personal care items etc. 


Food for Queers Community Program

Support Food for Queers

It takes a community & together we can ensure all 2SLGBTQIA+ folks within London have access to the essentials.

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Food for Queers Community Program

Important Program Update

Food for Queers has reached capacity for kit requests this month, as soon as availability opens up the Request a Grocery Kit form will be made available for new requests.

Status message

Food for Queers has reached max capacity, the form is is temporarily unavailable.

Food for Queers is Community Care in Action

Ensuring all members of our local London's 2SLGBTQIA+ community have access to food!

4000+ meals
800+ Kits
All the Queer Love


If you are a member of the Queer community living within the city of London in need of food we can help!

Food for Queers Community Supporters

Food for Queers is fortunate to work with some amazing community partners, it's with their ongoing support we are able to continue to provide our local 2SLGBTQIA+ community with access to food and essential items.

How Does Food for Queers Work?

  • Who can benefit from Food for Queers?

    The main goal with this program is to help make sure any Queer folks who may be experiencing barriers to food security in the city of London have access to nutritious food solutions.

    So whether support from Food for Queers is beneficial to you because your cupboards are looking a little thin, you can’t make it to the grocery store, feeling overwhelmed or perhaps you are one of the dedicated essential workers holding things together for everyone else but could use a little help, Food for Queers is here to make sure everyone feels a little extra love and support with a Grocery Kit dropped off to your door at no cost to you.

    It doesn’t matter why you'd benefit from the support, it just matters that you do!


  • About the Grocery Kits & Meals

    What's in a Grocery Kit?

    Each grocery kit provides essential food staples such as pantry items, canned goods, fresh produce and personal care items, as long as we have the resources we aim to ensure kits provide enough food to help with meal preparation for a week.


    Where are the meals coming from?

    UPDATE: In December 2020 Food for Queers fully transitions to providing Grocery Kits to folks in place of meals.

    Queer Events has secured fully prepared meals from a number of London based community initiative. The majority of our meals will be provide by a community partnership between the London Food Bank and the RBC Convention Centre. Meals are prepared and packaged by culinary staff at the convention center, these meals include a fresh sandwich or wrap, a piece of fruit, small snack or two and a drink.

    Queer Events will collect meals on designated days and with the help of community volunteers, meals will be delivered to door steps or lobbies in locations within the City of London. The first round of Food for Queers deliveries started in early May 2020.



    What if I have a food allergy or other dietary needs?

    There are vegetarian friendly kits available, we can include items to accommodate food allergies.

    We'll reach out directly if we need any further information about your specific allergy or dietary needs when assembling your kit. Please make sure to review each item yourself to ensure it is safe for you and or your family member to consume.


  • What’s Queer Events Role

    QE connected with local London community initiatives with the intention of connecting members of the 2SLGBTQ+ Community with regular food and/or meal solutions.

    We are here to assist with logistics of the program which relies on existing Queer Events volunteers who specifically help complete with kit deliveries.


  • Volunteers & Kindness

    Food for Queers operates because of the generosity and support of volunteers who are committed to ensuring people have access to food and that no one in our Queer community goes hungry.

    We are in need of a space to store items and/or pack kits if your company or organization can help, please connect via food4queers@queerevents.ca


    Community Support & Contributions

    Financial contributions to Food for Queers are critical to ensuring this queer-led community initiative continues to provide barrier free access to quality grocery kits for folks within our community facing food insecurity.

    Learn more about the different ways you can Support Food for Queers


Food for Queers Community Program

Support Food for Queers

It takes a community. Your kindness & generosity will help Food for Queers deliver grocery kits to 2SLGBTQ+ folks in the city of London.

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