Being Impossible

Yo, imposible

97 mins R Venezuela
Language: Spanish Subtitles: English
Genre: Drama Romance - film - Being Impossible / Yo Imposible


Ariel is a 20-year-old woman who works as a seamstress in a clothing factory, though feels like she does not fit in. She has sex with her boyfriend, Carlos, for the first time, but only feels intense pain. She mentions this to her mother, Dolores, who is ill with cancer. Though she encourages Ariel to keep trying so she can fulfil the role of a woman in their patriarchal society, she does mention that Ariel can visit her childhood doctor, Clemencia. Through visits with her mother and Clemencia, Ariel becomes more suspicious about what she is not being told, and finds herself in stress just as a new woman, Ana, joins the factory; Ariel is intrigued by Ana.

With Ariel's pain worsening, Clemencia reveals to Ariel that she was born intersex and was submitted to a series of surgeries as a child to conform to a female body, which upsets her. She begins a clandestine relationship with Ana at the factory, though frequently tries to deny her feelings. Her nosy friend soon finds out and Ariel becomes the subject of homophobia, further conflicting her feelings about her gender identity and sexuality.

Director: Patricia Ortega
Cast: Lucía Bedoya, María Elena Duque, Belkis Alvillares
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