296 pages Canada
ISBN: 9781551526355
Author: Jane Eaton Hamilton
Language: English
Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press
Genre: Fiction
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Prize-winning writer Jane Eaton Hamilton's novel explores the complexities of contemporary queer love.

On her fiftieth birthday, crazy-in-love Ajax visits her mercurial lover Logan, who trails their tarnished reputation like a lapsed halo. Logan has secrets, but so does Ajax, and during their weekend getaway to Ontario's cottage country,some of these secrets will prove explosive.

In the next cottage, long-term couple Joe and Elliot are having their own challenges as the parents of a newborn baby girl. Joe isn't sure if Elliot loves her or even if Elliot wanted a baby at all. Can she make it through a weekend feeling as she does, let alone the rest of her life?

Jane Eaton Hamilton's ninth book is an intimate, sexy queer romance. Weekend is a bold and heartbreaking consideration of the true nature of love at the cusp of middle age-- about trust, negotiation, and what's worth keeping in the end.

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Jane Eaton Hamilton

Jane Eaton Hamilton is a Canadian short story writer, novelist, essayist and poet, who goes by "Hamilton" and uses they/their pronouns.

Hamilton has published the novel Weekend (Arsenal Pulp Press 2016), three books of poetry, Body Rain (Brick Books 1992) and Steam-Cleaning Love (Brick Books 1993), Love Will Burst into a Thousand Shapes (Caitlin Press, 2014), a poetry chapbook (Going Santa Fe, winner of the League of Canadian Poets Poetry Chapbook prize) and two volumes of short fiction July Nights and Other Stories, (Douglas and McIntyre, 1991) and Hunger, (Oberon, 2001). They are also the author, under the pseudonymous name of Ellen Prescott, of the memoir Mondays are Yellow, Sundays are Grey retitled No More Hurt which was included on the Guardian's Best Book of the Year list and was a Sunday Times bestseller.

They are on the Equity Task Force of The Writer’s Union of Canada. A photographer and painter, Jane’s photography has hung at Kew Gardens, UK. A queer activist, they were one of Canada’s litigants in the same-sex marriage case. They are also known for speaking out on disability rights and against violence towards women and queer people. They live near Vancouver.

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