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Queering Black History Month

Media Team February 1, 2019

Queer Events is marking Black History Month this year with an awareness campaign as well as an event aimed at raising the visibility of QTBPOC members of the community.

This month, an online campaign both on social media and on their website will highlight and raise the visibility of QTBPOC individuals who are working to create change in the community. QTBPOC members of our community are often erased from the dominant queer narrative even when they have been at the heart of our struggle for rights and inclusion. Not only are they erased from within the queer community but additionally often wiithin their own cultural communities and throughout the discourse of Black History Month.

"Too often has our work been not recognized or recognition only comes after we are long gone. It is important that community members know their work is being seen, appreciated and valued. We also need members of our community of all ages to be inspired by the work that is being done, to see themselves reflected and to have hope that change is possible."

Trini, Queer Events


This year’s series highlights Syrus Marcus Ware, Courtnay Macfarlane, Douglas Stewart, Angela Robertson, Monica Forrester, Nik Redman, Dionne Brand and Faith Nolan. 

On February 28, the month will close off with an evening of film, held at The Baker’s Dozen with the featured film Kiki (2016), a film focusing on the experiences of Queer Black youth. Admission is $10 or PWYC. Proceeds from this event will go towards funding for QIPOC initiatives and donations will be collected for the Wet'suwet'en fund.

Find out more about the awareness campaign at: https://www.queerevents.ca/notable-qipoc

Find out more about the event at: https://www.queerevents.ca/events/london/arts-culture/2019-02-28/evening-qipoc-films

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