Statement in Response to Pride London Festival

Media Team February 3, 2021


Queer Events would like to thank everyone who has expressed concern over the recent messaging, activity and actions expressed from Pride London Festival across their digital platforms.

We can confirm there is no relationship between Queer Events and Pride London Festival. Queer Events did not have any prior knowledge of what PLF was planning. There was no discussion or request to use our materials in advance of their decisions.

We apologize to the community members who have been misled by the actions and choices of PLF. We are deeply sorry to all the Queer BIPOC folks who may have been hurt with the insinuation that QE and PLF have any type of working relationship, please know we would never betray you in such a fashion.

The BIPOC members of our Queer Community have always been included, listened to and respected in everything that Queer Events does. We firmly believe that there is no other way to exist as an organization. The calls for respect and inclusion from Queer BIPOC people are not unreasonable and it's long overdue.

Until the Queer BIPOC community's requests and concerns have been addressed with meaningful and quantifiable actions and the Queer BIPOC voices and organizations who have spoken out and been harmed by Pride London Festival deem that genuine change has occurred, Queer Events is unable to enter into any type of working relationship with Pride London Festival. As an organization, we only seek to build meaningful relationships and partnerships with organizations that are inclusive and safe spaces for the entire LGBT2Q+ community and Pride London Festival does not meet any such standards. A partnership would not only violate our Statement of Solidarity, but it would also contribute to the harm that Pride London Festival has caused.

We remain committed to contributing towards a stronger, accessible and inclusive Queer community. With this in mind Queer Events will be shifting focus back to what truly matters, Queering Black History Month!

Thank you,

Queer Events


- Statement was also released on QE's Facebook page

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