Queers in the Kitchen:

A story of connections through food

Media Team April 28, 2019

Food is universal. It is one of the few things that connects us all, regardless of who you are or where you come from. With this in mind, a new initiative by Queer Events in partnership with the Covent Garden Market has been launched: Queering the Kitchen.

Queering the Kitchen aims to bring all members of our community together in a safe, supportive and inclusive space to enjoy conversation, learn new skills while we create and share a meal together.

This initiative will connect the community to local LGBT2Q+ culinary instructors and encourage the use of local produce and fresh ingredients in meals. This is an opportunity to increase the community’s knowledge of healthy eating and local food resources while providing a space for members of the community to learn, cook and eat together in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

These events will place on Thursday evenings in order to connect with the Covent Garden Market’s outdoor market with locally-grown food direct from local farmers, growers and producers. Recipes made at Queering the Kitchen will be using produce from the local farmers at the market to create delicious, healthy meals while sharing tips on selecting produce and using locally-grown food in our kitchens.

As part of their mission, Queer Events works to create safe, inclusive spaces for the members of the LGBT2Q+ community to connect. This initiative will add to the number of accessible, sober spaces in the community and one in which members of all ages can have an opportunity to attend together.

“This is an opportunity for - queers who would like to connect with community in a different space, queer families who want to go to an event together, and queers who love food or want to learn more - to have a space in which they can socialize and have fun.”

Mich, Queer Events

The event series will run monthly for a limited number of sessions on Thursday evenings at the Covent Garden Market, London Ontario. This event is all ages, however it is recommended a guardian attends with those who are 14 years and under.

More Information can be found at QueerEvents.ca - Queer Kitchen Series

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