• Life After

    Ria Tobaccowala

    LIFE AFTER is about Nisha, a single mother and Indian immigrant, who travels to New York City to clear out her daughter Zara's apartment. Out of her element in the big city, Nisha discovers surprising new details about Zara. With help from her best friend and a stranger, Nisha uncovers the truth about her daughter's life.

    Genre: Drama Shorts
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  • Indigenous Luvvv

    Demian DinéYazhi'

    A short film about cruising as an Indigenous Queer. Part of Hanky Code: The Movie, Indigenous Luv explores the different codes inherent in the hanky code & creates a crucial space for Indigenous Queer studies while critiquing Western homo/Queer culture.

    Genre: Shorts
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  • Forget-Me-Not

    Ferran Navarro-Beltrán

    Irene and Luisa, two 70-year-old women go to a cemetery to visit their deceased relatives. A series of coincidences will cause their paths to cross.

    Genre: Shorts
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  • Finding Queer Disability

    Love Intersections

    This film explores the intersection of queerness and disability, looking at the ways that culture and language are also part and parcel to many other communities, including the Autistic community and the Deaf community.

    This film was created by Love Intersections, a media arts collective of queer artists of colour in Vancouver.

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  • The Pick Up

    Giovanna Chesler

    Every road can be a detour if you let it.
    Melanie (Kayla Fuentes), a teen resentful of her divorcing parents and craving independence doesn’t like surprises. When Mom (Ashna Sharan) picks her up from swim practice and their trip gets derailed by a flat tire and a stranger, Melanie finds herself choosing a new road.

    Genre: Drama Shorts
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  • I want to kill myself

    Vivek Shraya

    Contemplating suicide: a biography.

    Genre: Biography Shorts
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  • The Shiva Callers

    Emi Schaufeld

    When a closeted woman's girlfriend shows up unexpectedly to her grandfather's shiva, she must do anything in her power to stop her family from finding out.

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  • Two Snakes

    Kristin Li

    An experimental animation and documentary about diasporic desires for foundational myths. Seeking a home in reclaimed ancestry and seeking a self in reappropriated narratives and finding fragments instead.

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  • Foxy Trot

    Lisa Donato

    A married couple unexpectedly face their relationship issues when they take ballroom dance lessons in a very heteronormative class.

    Genre: Comedy Shorts
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  • My Fuzzy Valentine

    Ben Edelberg

    Put the Playboy centrefold in the hands of a Dyke and she will make her into a monster.

    A pulsating world of bug-eyed lesbian sasquatches and vaginal caves created from reclaimed textiles. Visual artist Allyson Mitchell's shape-shifting materials and colors explode off the screen on hand-processed and scratched 16mm film.

    Genre: Shorts
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