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Trans* London

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TRANS* London functions as a social and networking group for the Transgender population of the London Ontario Region.

We believe that people should be empowered to control their transitions, if they so choose to transition, with the support of their families and friends and community through various agencies and groups who can and do support the Transgender community. These members come from the Trans* community, the LGB and STR8 community, families and friends, and all are supported through a local network of professionals and groups who work with the transgender population.

We believe this growth of self empowerment comes with understanding both by the Trans* community and society where we live.

Our group is composed of Transgender community, its supporters and allies. We focus on the person who happens to be Transgender, not on transgender who happens to be a person. This approach fosters the stated prerequisite of equality and respect for all people who attend our meetings.

We welcome all who share our visions and goals.

Oh, and laughter is a definite asset at any gathering.

Services & Activities
  • Monthly social group

  • Private Facebook group

Group Type: Meetup
Meet Up Frequency
Monthly - 2nd Monday
How to Join Group

Drop by our next social to join the group.

Food for Queers Community Program

Food for Queers
Stay Safe. Not Hungry

Providing support for 2SLGBTQ+ folks experiencing food insecurities within the city of London

No questions. No contact. Just Support!

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