New Documentary Project: Experiences of Trans, Non-Binary & Gender Non-Conforming Youth

This documentary will explore the experiences, stories, ideas, thoughts and lives of youth existing in what has been called "the 21st century gender revolution."


Documentary Poster

Unique opportunity for youth ages 15-25 to share their personal experiences and thoughts related to gender identity.

We are looking for local transgender, non-binary, two-spirited and gender non-conforming youth ages 15-25 who would be interested in being interviewed about their gender experience and what gender means to them.

We are looking to ensure this documentary includes perspectives from people of color, those with disabilities, and those from low-income families/homes.

To get started reach out via email, we'll send a link to brief questionnaire and schedule an interview which are expected to take place in late January into February.

Offer an honest and authentic portrayal of youth with varying identities and expressions in contemporary society, to explore and showcase the individuality, diversity, and variation of gender that exists in Canada. - Creator, Noah Lorch

Focus of Documentary

  • Examine how individuals personally relate to the ideas, language, identities, communities, expressions, and opinions surrounding gender.
  • Explore what gender means to youth of all identities and expressions and how gender influences relationships, platonic, romantic, family, or otherwise.
  • Discuss the relationship or lack thereof between gender and gender expression; ideas of femininity, masculinity, androgyny, and expressions unaligned with the binary.
  • Look at the evolving language surrounding gender; local lgbtq+ communities and support systems; gender education in North American school systems; explorations of gender online and through social media in the internet age; and gender representation in the media.

This is a unique opportunity for trans, non-binary & GNC youth to make a difference and share their experiences


Anyone interested who is under 18 must be able to get a parent or guardian to sign a consent form saying they are allowed to be in the project

If you are interested in sharing your experience, contact Noah Lorch directly by email- or on send a message on instagram - @nllfilm.

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