Advertiser Agreement Terms

Last Updated: March 2019

Additional Terms to Review - Site Use Disclaimer Terms & Conditions.

Section 1 - General

All Queer Events advertising is subject to the Queer Events Operations Director approval. Placement of ads will be at Queer Events discretion, although the Advertiser’s preference will be met whenever possible.

Section 2 - Liability

Advertiser assumes all risk and agrees to indemnify and hold Queer Events harmless for any and all suits, claims, liabilities of any kind, and damages that arise from the advertisement and any additional marketing and promotions.

Queer Events reserves the right to refuse (rescind approval of) imagery, content, ad text and/or content messaging etc. based on the content being deemed inappropriate, harmful or offensive to the queer community.

Queer Events reserves the right to unilaterally reject or cancel advertising for any reason at any time, as described in our Editorial Policy - Section 3 of Terms & Conditions. These terms & conditions are available online at: Reasons may include but are not limited to:

  • Advertisement uses and/or supports discriminatory and/or derogatory language and/or actions.
  • Advertiser has been found to undertake discriminatory practices towards, but not limited to, the queer community.
  • Advertising is not in keeping with Queer Events’ standards and objectives.

Queer Events will not knowingly permit its publications and website as ad media, to be used by others in support of discriminatory practices.

Queer Events will not be bound by any term(s) or condition(s) that an Advertiser includes on order forms or invoices unless Queer Events previously agreed in writing to such term(s) or condition(s).

Section 3 - Placement of Orders

Completion of this agreement constitutes an acceptance of all the rates and conditions under which advertising is sold at the time the agreement is signed.

Section 4 - Copy & Design

Advertisements that resemble the format and layout of Queer Events brand will not be accepted without previous agreement and approval by Queer Events. Additionally, Queer Events reserves the right to add an "Advertisement" label and/or its own specific disclaimer to any ad or content space.

Section 5 - Approval

A sample copy of all advertisements must be submitted to Queer Events for approval at least 15 days prior to the start date agreed upon between the Advertiser and Queer Events.

All ads, content and/or links provided to be displayed must be approved prior to going live on The starting date will be mutually agreed upon by both parties. Unless otherwise stated or agreed upon, where packages include banner and sidebar ad, only one (1) ad will be displayed at any particular time. Ads will be displayed on an alternating basis. For example, first 30 days banner ad will be displayed, next 30 days sidebar ad will be displayed.

Section 6 - Payment Term

Payment is due upon approval of advertisement unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. All prices are in Canadian dollars and subject to HST. Advertiser’s material will not be displayed until payment in full is received.

Section 7 - Payment Options

Cash, Cheque, etransfer or PayPal on request. An invoice will be provided within 1-5 business days upon receipt of a signed advertising agreement.

Section 8 - Removal and Cancellation

Upon client’s written request, any and all advertising material can be removed. Please send requests to

Section 9 - Refunds

Request for any content (ads, banners, logos and/or content) removal does not result in a refund. All sales are final.

Advertiser will not be eligible for a refund if advertising materials are removed at the discretion of Queer Events for breach of the Queer Events Terms & Conditions.

Section 10 - Contract Renewal and Termination

Contracts will not be automatically renewed. Queer Events reserves the right to remove any and all content supplied for the advertising agreement from our website ( at the end of the agreement term.

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