Two Dark Moons - Book - Two Dark Moons
252 pages 14+ USA
ISBN: 9781775242727
Language: English
Publisher: The Shale Project
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Sohmeng Par is sick of being treated like a child. Ever since a tragic accident brought her mountain community’s coming-of-age ritual to a halt, she’s caused nothing but trouble in her impatience to become an adult. But when she finally has the chance to prove herself, she’s thrown from her life in the mountains and into the terror of the jungle below.

Cornered by a colony of reptilian predators known as the sãoni, Sohmeng is rescued by Hei, an eccentric exile with no shortage of secrets. As likely to bite Sohmeng as they are to cook her breakfast, this stranger and their family of lizards are like nothing she’s ever seen before. If she wants to survive, she must find a way to adapt to the vibrant, deadly world of the rainforest and the creatures that inhabit it—including Hei themself. But Sohmeng has secrets of her own, and sharing them could mean losing everything a second time.

This coming-of-age story is centered on Sohmeng, an allo aro girl, and Hei, the agender person who rescues her after she falls off a mountain. Sohmeng explores her first partnership, in a world where gender is not determined by sex, and a plot that demonstrates the harm colonialism can do. - Queer Books - Author Avi Silver

Avi Silver

Avi Silver is a queer, nonbinary author of the Sãoni Cycle (Two Dark Moons). They are also co-creator of The Shale Project, an award-winning indie arts collective roughly in the shape of a planet. Their short fiction can be found in the Common Bonds anthology and the web serial Tales from a Library. When Avi isn’t writing, you can find them playing their baby harp, destroying the gender binary with all due flair, and perfecting their chocolate chip cookie recipe. Find them complaining about rent prices in Toronto, or on twitter @thescreambean.

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