Swimmers in Winter

QueerEvents.ca - Book - Swimmers in Winter - Faye Guenther
208 pages Canada
ISBN: 9781988784502
Language: English
Publisher: Invisible Publishing
Genre: Fiction
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Certain Women meets The Mars Room in this debut collection featuring three pairs of stories.

Sharp and stylistic, the trifecta of diptychs that is Swimmers in Winter swirls between real and imagined pasts and futures to delve into our present cultural moment: conflicts between queer people and the police; the impact of homophobia, bullying, and PTSD; the dynamics of women’s friendships; life for queer women in Toronto during WWII and after; the intersections between class identities and queer identities; experiences of economic precarity and precarious living conditions; the work of being an artist; dystopian worlds; and the impact of gentrification on public space.

These are soul-searching, plot-driven character studies equally influenced by James Baldwin, Christopher Isherwood, and Elena Ferrante.

QueerEvents.ca - Queer Books - Author Faye Guenther

Faye Guenther

Faye Guenther lives in Toronto. Her writing has appeared in literary magazines including Joyland and she has published a chapbook, Flood Lands, with Junction Books. 

She has a PhD in English from York University. Swimmers in Winter, published in 2020 by Invisible Publishing, is her debut collection of short fiction.

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