Same: A Story of Change - Same: A Story of Change
32 pages Canada
ISBN: 0228803500
Author: Alexandra Jones
Language: English
Publisher: Tellwell Talent
Genre: Kids
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This is an endearing story of a small parrotfish who doesn't feel right in her fins. She goes on a journey to discover her true self, meeting all sorts of species along the way. The sea creatures that come into her life during this journey help her to understand that everyone is different and that it is what is in her heart that makes her extraordinary. This is a story of acceptance of self as well as others, one that encourages each person to find their true colour and see the beauty in those around them. - Queer Books - Author Alexandra Jones

Alexandra Jones

Ian Jones

This book is written in collaboration with the illustrator, my father. I am an early childhood educator who hopes to spread love and acceptance to young children around the world. My father is an artist who feels passionately about helping children understand and accept each other's unique qualities. We hope for our story to be heard and shared among children and families who see the joy and light in people the way we do!

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