• Food For Queers:

    Recipient of Libro Community Grant 2021

    Media Team October 1, 2021

    Queer Events is pleased to announce Food for Queers has been selected as a recipient of the 2021 Libro Credit Union Community grant, providing the funding necessary for Food for Queers to continue supporting folks within our local 2SLGBTQIA+ community facing food insecurities.

    This is a unique opportunity to allow for the implementation of strategic program improvements to immediately build program capacity. Most significantly will be the creation of a part-time Program Coordinator position and financial resources to purchase items for grocery kits and support the program.

    This is the first time Queer Events has received any type of funding. We are very grateful to Libro Credit Union for recognizing both the need and value of supporting grassroots community groups, which do not have the same access and privileges afforded to non-profit organisations.

    We would like to thank Libro Credit Union for investing in local food accessibility particularly during these challenging times and specifically for actively supporting a grassroots queer-led program serving folks facing food insecurities within the 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

    We look forward to the continuation of this partnership and are grateful for the funds that enable us to build program capacity in order to ensure that we can continue to provide barrier free access for 2SLGBTQIA+ families and households facing growing food insecurities.


    Funding Details:

    Food for Queers has received funding totaling $20,000 to support the program between October 2021 - September 2022.

    Funding Breakdown:

    • Grocery kit supplies - 14%
    • Program & volunteer supports - 8%
    • Digital upgrades - 12%
    • Program Coordinator Role (35 weeks) - 66%
  • Food for Queers

    Community-led Campaigns: #NoHungryQueers Pride ‘21

    Media Team September 1, 2021

    For the 2021 Pride season, Food for Queers was fortunate to receive support from local community partners who marked the pride season by not only recognizing the value of supporting grassroots initiatives within the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, but also directly supporting QE’s Food for Queers initiative. Knowing we had community partners boosting awareness and encouraging contributions at a time when we’re running at full capacity made a world of difference!

    We’d like to thank our community partners:

    • Pride is Right Trivia - Karen Simpson & Learners
    • Libro Credit Union - Central branch
    • Regional HIV/AIDS Connection (RHAC)
    • Society of Graduate Students (Grad Club)


    Since Food for Queers launched, we’ve been fortunate to continue to receive the support of community partners, dedicated team members and most importantly a crew of amazing volunteers who have stacked, packed and delivered countless boxes of food through heavy rains, snow storms and everything else we’ve all been through these past 18 months. It’s this level of kindness along with the generosity of individuals who’ve made financial contributions that ensure Food for Queers continues to support folks in our local 2SLGBTQIA+ communities struggling with food insecurity.

    We would like to give a special thank you to Anthea Williams and Karen Simpson, both of whom have continued to use their resources in order to facilitate support and contributions towards Food for Queers. While we cannot list all the wonderful folks who have shown kindness and generosity, we thank every single person who has supported the Food for Queers Program. We see you sending over those extra few dollars, sharing those extra cans in the cupboard, hustling your crew to do the same, and we thank you!

    Queer Events would also like acknowledge the Food for Queers intitiative would not have been possible without the leadership and direction provided by our very own Alicia Samuel who in the early days of what was a very challenging time for everyone had the foresight and commitment to ensure this vital community program was in place for our local 2SLGBTQIA+ community.

  • Statement in Response to Pride London Festival

    Media Team February 3, 2021


    Queer Events would like to thank everyone who has expressed concern over the recent messaging, activity and actions expressed from Pride London Festival across their digital platforms.

    We can confirm there is no relationship between Queer Events and Pride London Festival. Queer Events did not have any prior knowledge of what PLF was planning. There was no discussion or request to use our materials in advance of their decisions.

    We apologize to the community members who have been misled by the actions and choices of PLF. We are deeply sorry to all the Queer BIPOC folks who may have been hurt with the insinuation that QE and PLF have any type of working relationship, please know we would never betray you in such a fashion.

    The BIPOC members of our Queer Community have always been included, listened to and respected in everything that Queer Events does. We firmly believe that there is no other way to exist as an organization. The calls for respect and inclusion from Queer BIPOC people are not unreasonable and it's long overdue.

    Until the Queer BIPOC community's requests and concerns have been addressed with meaningful and quantifiable actions and the Queer BIPOC voices and organizations who have spoken out and been harmed by Pride London Festival deem that genuine change has occurred, Queer Events is unable to enter into any type of working relationship with Pride London Festival. As an organization, we only seek to build meaningful relationships and partnerships with organizations that are inclusive and safe spaces for the entire LGBT2Q+ community and Pride London Festival does not meet any such standards. A partnership would not only violate our Statement of Solidarity, but it would also contribute to the harm that Pride London Festival has caused.

    We remain committed to contributing towards a stronger, accessible and inclusive Queer community. With this in mind Queer Events will be shifting focus back to what truly matters, Queering Black History Month!

    Thank you,

    Queer Events


    - Statement was also released on QE's Facebook page

  • Knowing Our Power

    Queering Black History Month

    Media Team February 1, 2021


    In 2019, Queer Events began marking Black History Month with an awareness campaign aimed at raising the visibility of Queer Black members of the community. This year, for 2021, QE will continue the campaign for a third year with a theme to continue raising the visibility of Queer Black people and notable moments in queer history.

    A key part of understanding and accepting Queer Black people in both the LGBT2Q+ and Black community is knowing our place and power in history. When questioned on notable black queer and trans members of the community, most answers reflect back for a handful of names from USA. QE will be continuing our campaign to raise visibility and highlight LGBT2Q+ Black individuals within Canada to emphasize the work that is being done right here. In addition this year, the campaign will also be focused on some key moments in history that have sparked conversations around race and discrimination in Canada’s Queer Black History.

    When we forget our past, we do not see our lives in the full context of the struggles of the moment and we will never make forward progress. We must build upon what has been laid as a foundation to reach new heights instead of restarting from the beginning every time.
    Trini, Queer Events

    The month will also include the launch of QE’s “Not So Average Book Club” series which will be focused on non-fiction book selections and discussions that continue to educate and broaden perspectives on the topic of racism and its intersectionalities with the Queer community.

    Find out more about the campaign at: https://www.queerevents.ca/queer-history/queering-black-history-month

    Find out more about the event at: https://www.queerevents.ca/events/london/virtual/not-your-average-book-club

    Founded in 2016, Queer Events is committed to working towards a strong, welcoming & accessible LGBT2Q+ community. We create opportunities to connect through our events, programs & initiatives; Empower our community with our online portal, QueerEvents.ca; and contribute through education & advocacy to a more inclusive, diverse and welcoming queer community. Find out more at QueerEvents.ca.

    For more information, contact us at media@queerevents.ca


  • Food for Queers

    A program to ensure that no queer goes hungry

    Media Team May 10, 2020

    Queer Events is proud to announce the launch of a program - Food for Queers - designed to help ensure that LGBT2Q+ identified individuals do not go hungry during the COVID-19 global health crisis.

    This program aims to ensure that any LGBT2Q+ person in London, ON who is currently struggling to feed themselves whether due to financial insecurity, barriers to access, or mental health challenges can access a meal. The program is open to anyone who is hungry, no questions asked. Everyone in our community matters.

    Queer Events is dedicated to building a stronger, more connected queer community. This initiative will help begin to fill one of the most essential needs of our community. Access to food during this crisis. We have been able to source a variety of prepared meals from different programs and initiatives and are fortunate to have as our main partner, the London Food Bank and RBC Convention Centre’s Program to feed those in our community who are hungry. As the program evolves, we welcome other partners and restaurants to join and work together with us to ensure that no queer goes hungry.

    Founded in 2016, Queer Events is committed to working towards a strong, welcoming & accessible LGBT2Q+ community. We create opportunities to connect through our events, programs & initiatives; Empower our community with our online portal, QueerEvents.ca; and contribute through education & advocacy to a more inclusive, diverse and welcoming queer community. Find out more at QueerEvents.ca.

    For more information, contact us at media@queerevents.ca

  • Holding Space

    Queering Black History Month

    Media Team February 1, 2020


    Queer Events’ Queering Black History Month campaign is back for its second year aimed at raising the visibility of Queer and Trans Black members of the community. In 2019 QE profiled various community members across Turtle island, to hold their space in the ongoing work of our community and to continue to speak to the lives of those of us who live and love on the margins, in an effort to not be erased and disappear.

    This year focus is turned onto the projects, and spaces created by Queer and Trans Black community members. These initiatives, organized by folks in the queer and trans Black community have not only celebrated QTBIPOC communities but also put the spotlight on issues such as policing, violence against transgender sex workers and the displacement of our youth, including within spaces designated as ‘LGBT2Q’.

    “The spaces and initiatives formed by communities of colour are vital to the foundations of our Queer history. When these spaces are forgotten or erased, we lose the richness of our diverse history, we de-value the lives of those who have lived and loved so fiercely that they changed our community for the better. These spaces that were lovingly crafted through resilience, community care and a desire to make space where they was none for our LGBT2Q+ family must never be forgotten.” - Trini, Queer Events.

    In contrast to many ‘queer and trans’ spaces that centre white realities, these space making projects that open up alternative visions of what queer space and community might look like and often put forth radical re-definitions of space, safety and collective care often remain unarchived and unrecognized. The 2020 series will be profiling these projects and spaces to hold their space in the history and foundations of our community and influence on ongoing work.

    Find out more about the campaign at: https://www.queerevents.ca/queer-history/queering-black-history-month

  • Queers in the Kitchen:

    A story of connections through food

    Media Team April 28, 2019

    Food is universal. It is one of the few things that connects us all, regardless of who you are or where you come from. With this in mind, a new initiative by Queer Events in partnership with the Covent Garden Market has been launched: Queering the Kitchen.

    Queering the Kitchen aims to bring all members of our community together in a safe, supportive and inclusive space to enjoy conversation, learn new skills while we create and share a meal together.

    This initiative will connect the community to local LGBT2Q+ culinary instructors and encourage the use of local produce and fresh ingredients in meals. This is an opportunity to increase the community’s knowledge of healthy eating and local food resources while providing a space for members of the community to learn, cook and eat together in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

    These events will place on Thursday evenings in order to connect with the Covent Garden Market’s outdoor market with locally-grown food direct from local farmers, growers and producers. Recipes made at Queering the Kitchen will be using produce from the local farmers at the market to create delicious, healthy meals while sharing tips on selecting produce and using locally-grown food in our kitchens.

    As part of their mission, Queer Events works to create safe, inclusive spaces for the members of the LGBT2Q+ community to connect. This initiative will add to the number of accessible, sober spaces in the community and one in which members of all ages can have an opportunity to attend together.

    “This is an opportunity for - queers who would like to connect with community in a different space, queer families who want to go to an event together, and queers who love food or want to learn more - to have a space in which they can socialize and have fun.”

    Mich, Queer Events

    The event series will run monthly for a limited number of sessions on Thursday evenings at the Covent Garden Market, London Ontario. This event is all ages, however it is recommended a guardian attends with those who are 14 years and under.

    More Information can be found at QueerEvents.ca - Queer Kitchen Series

  • We Have Always Been Here:

    Queering Black History Month

    Media Team February 1, 2019

    Queer Events is marking Black History Month this year with an awareness campaign as well as an event aimed at raising the visibility of QTBPOC members of the community.

    This month, an online campaign both on social media and on their website will highlight and raise the visibility of QTBPOC individuals who are working to create change in the community. QTBPOC members of our community are often erased from the dominant queer narrative even when they have been at the heart of our struggle for rights and inclusion. Not only are they erased from within the queer community but additionally often wiithin their own cultural communities and throughout the discourse of Black History Month.

    "Too often has our work been not recognized or recognition only comes after we are long gone. It is important that community members know their work is being seen, appreciated and valued. We also need members of our community of all ages to be inspired by the work that is being done, to see themselves reflected and to have hope that change is possible."

    Trini, Queer Events


    This year’s series highlights Syrus Marcus Ware, Courtnay Macfarlane, Douglas Stewart, Angela Robertson, Monica Forrester, Nik Redman, Dionne Brand and Faith Nolan. 

    On February 28, the month will close off with an evening of film, held at The Baker’s Dozen with the featured film Kiki (2016), a film focusing on the experiences of Queer Black youth. Admission is $10 or PWYC. Proceeds from this event will go towards funding for QIPOC initiatives and donations will be collected for the Wet'suwet'en fund.

    Find out more about the awareness campaign at: https://www.queerevents.ca/notable-qipoc

    Find out more about the event at: https://www.queerevents.ca/events/london/arts-culture/2019-02-28/evening-qipoc-films

  • Building Bridges:

    Connecting Families

    Media Team March 4, 2018

    It is easier to parent as a LGBTQ+ person these days, but it definitely isn’t easy.

    While Canada has made strides forward in LGBT2Q+ rights and protections, that has not ended the poor treatment and bigotry some parents, and their children, face and often support for queer families still comes as an afterthought to straight families.

    Often there are postpartum mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, issues dealt with by many parents, including lesbian parents, bi parents, and everyone else in the LGBTQ+ community.

    The early days of parenting bring on added stressors for everyone, from lack of sleep to social isolation. Trans parents may deal with the hormonal fallout from childbirth, along with a lack of support from their own families.Gay fathers may be dealing with the sudden arrival of their adopted or surrogate child, as well as a lack of resources to help them adjust.

    “Many members of our community becoming isolated when they decide to become parents as traditional spaces to connect with the queer community such as the bars and nightclubs are no longer viable or accessible. Spaces that include families are important to ensure LGBT2Q+ parents continue to feel included in our community and have safe spaces to turn to as traditional ‘Mommy & Me’ and other parenting classes are not inclusive.”

    Jaime, Queer Events

    LGBTQ+ parents need help, support, and a place to share their story, just like every other parent while it is also important for children from these families to see that there are other family units like theirs as well as to play in an inclusive environment. Many childcare providers still both consciously and unconsciously fail to adopt and communicate an inclusive definition of family. This program will assist in creating a basis of support within an early childhood environment.

    “It is vital that young children can see that they are not the only family with two dads, or two moms, a trans parent or any other type of diverse family configuration in our community. That children can be free to play outside of established gender norms without fear of bullying or pressure.”

    Monica, LGBT2Q+ Parent

    Queer Events has increased their program delivery in this area, expanding their Queer Family Playtime to a monthly event in partnership with Childreach Centre, a community Parent Resource and EarlyON Child & Family Centre. 

    This program provides a fun, safe and positive space for families of diverse identities to meet, play, learn and grow with each other. Children can enjoy an indoor play space full of toys, books, music, games and creative activities that encourage them to play together while parents and caregivers will have an opportunity to mingle and connect with other caregivers.

    The program will run on the second Saturday of each month excepting holidays from 10am to noon for ages 0 - 7years old. This is a free event and all families are welcome. 


    Find out more: Queer Family Playtime


  • Connecting the Community:

    QE's First Event Initiative

    Media Team May 4, 2017

    Queer Events (QE) started online in the fall of 2016 with our website QueerEvents.ca. Creating and maintaining this site provides unique insight and knowledge regarding existing programs, services and opportunities currently available to queer folks within the London community.&

    It wasn't long before QE grew into a community organization providing monthly programs and initiatives aimed at creating a strong, welcoming and accessible LGBT2Q+ community for everyone.

    We wanted to ensure that our first event based initiative would make an immediate impact, create lasting opportunity, and provide acceptance for all queer folks regardless of identity while also ensuring the core of the event was social with a fun and positive theme.

    With the help of a dedicated group of volunteers, ultimately, it was decided Queer Prom for Youth was going to be our first major initiative in the local queer community.

    This was just the beginning of what would go from an idea at the queer kitchen table to what may be the largest annual queer youth event in the city of London.

    LGBT2Q youth everywhere face particularly challenging obstacles in life, while there are many factors and consideration that help shape all aspects of Queer Prom for youth, Accessibility and Acceptance are our main motivators. When QE started to plan this event we wanted to make sure as many youth could be comfortable attending. This meant that there needed to be as many barriers removed as possible.

    Queer Prom is a free event for all LGBT2Q+ identified to attend. The entire event including live entertainment, snacks, beverages, photo booth and dj dance party is absolutely free for all to students from Grade 7-12.


    Queer Prom was held at the London Children’s Museum, a fully accessible venue with automatic doors, elevator on site and the abiilty to provide gender neutral washrooms for the event. The venue is conveniently located within the city of London offering both public transit options and parking onsite. The museum is youth appropriate which ensures parents and guardians feel comfortable sending their child(ren) for an evening while also contributing to creating a positive, fun space for everyone to enjoy, the London Children’s Museum is the perfect home for Queer Prom for Youth.

    The theme of Queer Prom was ‘Come As You Are’ which was chosen to encourage all youth to attend in whatever style, appearance or version of themselves that feels most comfortable expressing.

    In working to create a sense of community for LGBT2Q+ youth, it was important to us that we use this particular event to include as many queer identified individuals in key roles such as lead volunteers and chaperones. We wanted to use this opportunity for youth to be able to look to the LGBT2Q+ adults around them and see themselves reflected and to know that there was a future in which they could become thriving adults participating in our community.

    Queer Prom also provides lgbt2q+ youth with an opportunity to experience a sense of community. The experience of being able to walk into a room or event and find themselves surrounded by over 100 other LGBT2Q+ youth and visually see that they are not alone and that there is a larger community than their GSAs or friend circle is an important one that allows them to feel less isolated and to connect with others. This is especially important for the youth who attend from smaller communities in the London area.

    Queer Events’ first Queer Prom for Youth took place on Saturday April 29th 2017, the evening was a great success, better than any of us could have expected with 125 youth in attendance along with lgbt2q+ folks and community allies who chaperoned, live entertainment and best of all we had happy and safe teenagers enjoying a sense of community.

    We would like to thank our partners, the Children’s Museum and DJ Alpha Production as well as the many sponsors, performers and volunteers who helped to make this night happen.

Future is Queer! #QueerEvents