2SLGBTQ+ Customer Service Workshop

This workshop is designed to help businesses create positive and inclusive customer/client experiences. In this session you will learn language and terminology as well as practical tips on how to ensure your customer service is inclusive and positive. Attendees will also learn tools to handle situations of misgendering, homophobia, bi-phobia and transphobia and more.

Additional Service:

QE can conduct an inclusion audit on your business/organization where we will:

  • Explore barriers to accessing services, including practical suggestions for making services more accessible to 2SLGBTQ+ clients/customers.
  • Review any online materials and messaging for inclusivity.
  • Explore if existing business/organization policies and procedures are inclusive and have adequate processes in place to handle complaints or incidents.

2SLGBTQ+ Customer Service Workshop

Increase your groups 2SLGBTQ+ Awareness & Sensitivity with a QE Workshop

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Terms and phrases associated with 2SLGBTQ+ identities
  • How to address customers/clients respectfully
  • How to avoid making assumptions about gender in different mediums of communication
  • How to use gender-neutral pronouns
  • Examples of homo/bi/trans-phobia and equipping members of staff on how to deal with it
  • Tools to challenge inappropriate behaviours (whether customer to customer; staff-member to customer or customer to staff-member)

Who Benefits:

This workshop is tailored to businesses and organizations that provide goods and/or services to the public.

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