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Queer Events offers unique promotional opportunities that will ensure your upcoming event, initiative or campaign connects with the LGBT2Q+ community.

QE can help organizers who are looking to connect with individuals in the LGBT2Q+ community. Our digital platforms are the solutions you've been looking for to grow your audience by increasing your upcoming events exposure to the queer community.

Featured Event Listings

Grow your Audience using a Featured Event Listing

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We know it can be difficult for event organizers to advertise directly to the lgbt2q+ community and since Queer Events is all about connecting we created the 'Featured Event Listing' as a new promotional avenue for our fellow event organizers. Featured events are highlighted across our platforms in key spaces to reach the hundreds of individuals who are viewing our digital platforms everyday.

Featured Event Listing Includes

    QE's Social Media

  • Dedicated Facebook post with link to event listing
  • Dedicated Instagram Post featuring your event media

All Featured Event listings will be visible for up to 45 days.

About QE's Featured Event Listings

Featured vs. Community Listing - What's the difference?

Queer Events is all about connecting our community which is why we offer a free community event listing for events in Ontario that are LGBT2Q+ centric and inclusive. This was a great start but it's not always enough, so we've created the Featured Event Listing which will increase the amount promotion an event receives across our digital platforms. The table below breaks down what is included in each type of listing.

Requesting a Featured Listing is Easy!

Use the Share An Event form
 Select Featured Event Listing.
That's it! You're done. QE's on it!
Start Your Featured Event Listing


QE will review the event details and follow up directly via within 12-24 hours. Payment is not required until the event has been approved, we'll send details via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of event qualifies for a featured event listing?
  • LGBT2Q+ centric / friendly events that promote or provide inclusive and safe spaces for our community.
  • It is preferred that events are open for all members of our queer community regardless of gender or sexual identity to attend.
  • Once an event is submitted, we’ll review the details to ensure the event meets our standards prior to payment.  
  • Review our event submission guidelines for more information.
How long will my event be featured?
  • The listing includes display for up to 45 days prior to the event start date.
  • Featured listings are automatically removed within 72 hours of the event.
How do I request a Featured Event Listing?

1. Submit event details using our Share An Event Form as usual.

2. Select ‘Featured Listing’ when promoted and we’ll follow up directly using the contact email used in the form.

It's that easy!

How do recurring events work with a featured event listing?
  • Only one (1) specific instance of the event can be used as a Featured Event Listing. For example, if you have an event that runs for five (5) consecutive days or an event that runs every other Monday, you will only be able to choose one (1) specific day's event to list as Featured.
  • In the future we will expand the Featured Event Listing to include additional packages to allow for more flexibility with recurring events.
What type of payment methods are accepted?
  • At this time, we are accepting e-transfer as the primary payment option for featured event listings.
  • After requesting a Featured Event, we’ll follow up with specific payment instructions.
  • All payments are final. No refunds or exchanges.
Can I cancel my listing? Is there a refund?
  • You may at any time request that your event no longer be listed as a Featured Event Listing by sending an email to media@queerevents.ca with your request including the name and date of your event along with the name of the event submitter.
  • By default the event will be downgraded to a standard community event listing. To have your event completely removed from our platforms, please include the request in your email.
  • No refunds are offered once payment has been accepted.

Looking to promote a campaign or initiative?

In addition to event promotion, the Queer Events digital platforms allow for unique advertising opportunities for any campaign or initiative looking to connect with the LGBT2Q+ community.

QE offers a range of advertising packages to suite all types of promotional needs. We create unique space across our platforms that help your next campaign connects with individuals in the LGBT2Q+ community.  Learn more about Queer Events Advertising by visiting QE's Media Packages.

Queer Events will work with you to create a customized promotional solution that suites the needs of your specific campaign or initiative.

In fact communicating with the LGBT2Q+ community is what we do best, the QE team has experience creating queer-friendly content, messaging, imagery and much much.

No matter what phase your campaign or initiative is currently in, QE can help!


For more infomraiton see our Media Packages

Connect with our media team - media@queerevents.ca



Ensure your campaign connects with the LGBT2Q+ community. Advertise with Queer Events.

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