Holding Space

Queering Black History Month

Media Team February 1, 2020


Queer Events’ Queering Black History Month campaign is back for its second year aimed at raising the visibility of Queer and Trans Black members of the community. In 2019 QE profiled various community members across Turtle island, to hold their space in the ongoing work of our community and to continue to speak to the lives of those of us who live and love on the margins, in an effort to not be erased and disappear.

This year focus is turned onto the projects, and spaces created by Queer and Trans Black community members. These initiatives, organized by folks in the queer and trans Black community have not only celebrated QTBIPOC communities but also put the spotlight on issues such as policing, violence against transgender sex workers and the displacement of our youth, including within spaces designated as ‘LGBT2Q’.

“The spaces and initiatives formed by communities of colour are vital to the foundations of our Queer history. When these spaces are forgotten or erased, we lose the richness of our diverse history, we de-value the lives of those who have lived and loved so fiercely that they changed our community for the better. These spaces that were lovingly crafted through resilience, community care and a desire to make space where they was none for our LGBT2Q+ family must never be forgotten.” - Trini, Queer Events.

In contrast to many ‘queer and trans’ spaces that centre white realities, these space making projects that open up alternative visions of what queer space and community might look like and often put forth radical re-definitions of space, safety and collective care often remain unarchived and unrecognized. The 2020 series will be profiling these projects and spaces to hold their space in the history and foundations of our community and influence on ongoing work.

Find out more about the campaign at: https://www.queerevents.ca/queer-history/queering-black-history-month

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